Adventure is worthwhile.

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The memories we make,
are everything.

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Explore everything,
keep the best!

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Action cures fear,
inaction creates terror.

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Water is the driving force
of all nature.

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The beauty of the
natural world lies in the details.

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Never lose your
sense of wonder.

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On earth there is no heaven,
but there are pieces of it.

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Your Partner in Adventure

AugustTrek offers wide variety of products for the outdoorsy, adventurous people who always stay active and constantly look for new ways to explore nature.

Our product categories range from snorkeling equipment to (soon) beach, hiking, and camping gear! Every product is engineered to be easy to use, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and it’s here to enhance your entire outdoor and travel experience.

With our help, you will find amazing and practical gadgets and accessories that will surely make your next adventure more exciting, enjoyable and maybe even a bit safer.

What We Guarantee

By ordering from us you get:


Premium Quality Gear

From the trip’s essentials to the fancy travel gadgets, every product in our selection is made from the highest quality materials and with extreme attention to detail.


More Relaxation and Freedom

Finally, you can go out and experience everything that nature has to offer to the fullest.


More Fun Moments

The reason for buying a product could be planning a trip, just like the reason to plan a trip could be buying a product.

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In 2019, we’ll be releasing top-quality, innovative camping and beach equipment like backpacks, hammocks and beach mats, as well as more snorkeling gear like vests, masks and fins. If you:

1. LOVE the outdoors

2. LOVE discounts

3. LOVE knowing about and purchasing the latest gadgets

Then you absolutely must join our 2019 Early Review program.

Join here and you’ll be the first to know when we launch a new product + you’ll get early bird discounts that no one else gets. Hurry because spots are limited!

Path to Discovery

AugustTrek is a company on a mission.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and gear-up those who want to live a life of adventure, or have a healthier lifestyle, exploring exotic destinations and new experiences.

Our passion for nature has lead us on an al fresco path of self-discovery, freedom, and deep mental relaxation and now we want to share this with the world!

Because we know the positive effects that nature has on a person, we want to motivate as many people as possible to go out, explore, and find new hobbies. Our job? To make sure that they feel prepared and safe in any situation.