Just a short trip is enough

If life was counted by the number of spontaneous trips you took, how would you rank up?

I don’t know about you, but I sure would like to take more short trips with no itineraries, no big packing and flight delays… I’m not saying travelling across the world is bad, but you have no idea how a spontaneous trip of just a few days could recharge you! And it’s so affordable and easy to do!

Just last summer, my girlfriend and I took a trip like that to Ottawa. We decided to do it after we realized it’s been a year since our last vacation together. A year! Life flies by so fast.

It was a long weekend, so we threw some clothes in our suitcases and jumped in the car. We used Airbnb for accommodation and had no plans when we got there —however, we were sure the city would offer plenty to do.

Why am I telling you this story? Because it’s decisions like this that recharges you however, foreign or uncomfortable an idea like this may seem to you at first. In order to get back to being 100% productive, you have to recharge your batteries and doing something fun, changing your scenery and doing something outdoors is often the best way to do it. Just jump in your car, pick up a loved one and go!

When we arrived in the city it was time for dinner, so we decided on trying out a Mexican restaurant that had really good reviews on google. That’s where we decided we’d go canoeing the next day. It was the first time for my girlfriend and I was really impressed by how willing she was to try it out. Adventures spirit, indeed!

Now that I think about it, it was the hours we spent out in the water, away from work and technology, and everyday life, that made this trip. We talked, we laughed, we listened to the deafening silence of nature and it re-created us. It made us a stronger couple. It made us calmer people. And the effects still last today.

This trip was also one of the moments where I felt the urge to start AugustTrek was growing stronger and stronger. I wanted to do something that gave people an excuse to go outside and enjoy nature because life to the fullest never happens behind a desk.

What was the last spontaneous trip you took? If you have to think about it, it’s been too long.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re busy, burnt out, or bored — trust me, just a short trip is enough.

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Christmas gift guide for the outdoorsy types

The season of Christmas songs and Christmas trees, and pumpkin pie is here, and yet for many of us, all we can think about is the Christmas presents.

Whether you’re excited about what you’re going to get or you’re deep in thought about what you’re going to give, chances are you realize the amazing feeling that just the right present can bring. It’s not even about the present itself, but the feeling, the careful consideration of one’s wishes, of one’s personality… That’s what makes it so special.

So, consider this: is someone you love an avid adventurer? Or maybe he/she just loves to spend time outdoors, be it on the beach or in the woods? Then you have it easy: you’re going to find the ideal Christmas gift for them in this article, guaranteed!

Here are our suggestions…

If you want to spend $100 or less:

1. Hammock

Even the most active adventurers need to take a break once in a while, and nothing is cooler than taking a nap or just relaxing for a bit in your very own hammock. While there are some pretty pricey options out there, you can find plenty of high quality options within $100 (or even for half that price).

2. Snorkeling Mask

You know an ocean-lover? Even if they have a snorkeling mask already, you’d be surprised at how many innovative snorkeling products are being released every year. Our full face snorkel mask is a great example — who wouldn’t want to explore the underwater world with that?

3. Extra-durable phone case

We all drop our phones from time to time, but the more time you spend moving, hiking, running, swimming or in a hurry to catch yet another plane, the higher the chances to hear that heartbreaking sound of a shattering phone screen. And the outdoorsy types are exactly the people who are always in need of their phones. So why don’t you give them some extra peace of mind?

4. Suitcase/backpack

Packing is so much more fun if you’re doing it in your brand new suitcase or backpack. There are plenty of good, affordable options out there and you can choose from a wide variety of colors, models and luggage-organizing innovations.

5. Inflatable couch

These became all the rage a couple of years ago. It’s an air-filled couch/bed that you can inflate with just a couple of movements (no need for a pump) and you can use it for some downtime anytime, anywhere (unlike the hammock, which only works if you have somewhere to hang it).

6. A water bottle / thermos

If you’re looking for a small, yet useful gift that can always make an adventurer happy, go with a quality water bottle or a thermos. We all could make good use out of those, even if we only go to a picnic in the park once in a while (and who says an adventure is only an adventure if you travel half-way across the world?)

If you want to spend more:


Give a loved one the chance to record and re-live their adventures, and share them with friends and family in a super interactive way. The GoPro cameras are designed for risk-takers — they’re water resistant, extremely durable and versatile, and start at about $200, though if you want to give the best/latest they offer, you’d have to go up to $600-$800.

8. Surf/Canoe

Who doesn’t love water — whether it’s a river, a like or the ocean. Having a way to enjoy water whenever you want to would only inspire you to spend even more time outdoors, which will make you a calmer, happier human being. What better gift than that?

9. Camera

Yes, we already mentioned GoPro, but what if you need a present for one of the calmer adventurers? One that enjoys long hikes or walks along the sand, rather than crazy mountain biking? Then gifting a high-quality camera that will let them capture the experience is a good way to go. It could even inspire them to start a blog or change careers, so who knows — maybe you’ll be giving the gift of a lifetime!

10. A subscription box

There are a few subscription box services for adventurers on the market and with just a little research, you can choose the one that’s right for your loved one. While these could be found in the very low-cost range, some are a bit more expensive, so we decided to put them in this category. The great thing about it? It’s the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and always surprises you!

11. A sleeping bag

It’s no secret that the outdoorsy types spend many nights sleeping right under the stars, but this doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a comfy “bed”. Top quality sleeping bags these days are designed to support the body and provide warmth and comfort, and they usually start at about $150, though you could go a lot higher if you’re really looking for something top-notch.

Found the gift idea you were looking for? We told you!

And just a little reminder — don’t forget to get yourself a little something too this Christmas, you deserve it.

Happy Holidays from AugustTrek!

Spend Thanksgiving Outdoors: 7 Fun, Active Ways To Enjoy One Of America’s Favorite Holidays

Ahh, Thanksgiving…

Just saying it makes us happy. We think about days off work, time spent with family and, of course, a big table of delicious food.

Let’s be honest though — it’s easy to spend the holiday doing not much more than eating in front of the TV, which is certainly not the best use of your time.

If you want to keep active this Thanksgiving — or have a lot of kids around who would make it impossible not to — here are a few fun ways to go outdoors and enjoy the holiday to the fullest, and really feel rejuvenated when it’s time to go back to work.

1. Hiking

One of the best way to get your blood moving and spend some quality time with your family — not to mention digesting the food we already referred to — is going for a hike on a beautiful local  trail. You can use the AllTrails Google app to help you find one that’s close to you and fits your general physical preparation. Enjoy!

2. Camping/Picnic

If you’re going to eat, why not do it outside? Not all weather conditions allow for camping or picnic on Thanksgiving, but if you’re located in a state where that’s possible, then don’t miss your chance to organize a fun outdoors get together where children can play, and you can lay on the grass and enjoy the fresh air, the sun and the good company.

3. Beach Vacation

On the other hand, if you don’t live somewhere where the sun is always shining, you could take advantage of the few days off most of us get, pack your family’s bags and go on a much-needed beach vacation. Many resorts now offer special Thanksgiving packages so you won’t miss out on the traditional fun, but you’ll also be able to send off the little ones on surfing lessons while you work on your tan. (Hmm, now we’re starting to consider it…)

4. Ready for a Turkey Trot?

What a fun tradition! Even if you’re not a runner, running a Turkey Trot is a great way o stay active during the holidays, plus most of them have kids’ groups, so you can make it a family activity. We guarantee you you’ll feel much better about yourself once you cross that finish line! You can go on active.com to find a Turkey Trot near you.

5. Fun things to do

Say you’re not in the mood to go anywhere or organize anything special, you just want to relax with your loved ones. Then why not explore the fun outdoor things you can enjoy in your own city — like ice skating, golf, baseball or football, or whatever else your location has to offer. Maybe different members of the family will prefer doing different things and that’s ok too — as long as everyone is happy! 

6. Pumpkin Hunt

The Pumpkin Hunt is pretty much a treasure hunt with a pumpkin treasure at the end. While you can organize that just for the kids, you can also include the entire family by making the clues just a bit more complicated and the rewards just a bit more appealing. Don’t forget to pack the hunt with a lot of must-do activities that force the participants to get up and play!

7. Pick your Christmas Tree

It’s a family tradition — and a great one, at that — to go out and pick a Christmas Tree during the Thanksgiving break. Taking a walk through a tree nursery and enjoying he smell of fresh pine trees — what better way to get in a holiday mood? A little tip — try to get there as early as you can to avoid the crowds.