Water is the driving force of all nature


(perform below tests out of water with mask on)

Check that there are no gaps in between your face and mask by guiding your fingers around the rim of the mask

Tilt your head forward, sideways and backwards checking for gaps

Tighten the mask if you notice any gaps

When breathing you should not feel air on your eyes and no fog should form in the viewing area of mask

If there is, re-adjust the positioning of your mask so that mouth and chin rests comfortably within the breathing area



Here is our 3-step process in making sure you get the most out of your snorkel mask.


Before you use your mask in open waters, test it in a pool to make sure it fits. You can find a step-by-step system that will help you ensure you have the right size in the Perfect Fit section of the user manual.


Once you’re in the water, it’s easy – relax on the surface and calmly breathe through your mouth and nose. Keep your chin slightly up. Pay attention to every breath you’re taking and remove the mask if your breathing is obstructed or you feel light-headed. If water is leaking in your mask, lift your head above the water and it will quickly drain out.


Rinse your mask with water and soap after every use. Wipe down with microfiber and allow it to dry. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and black rubber material. Avoid leaving the mask in the sand when not in use.


  • Tailor the size of your mask by using the elastic band to get the perfect fit for your face is quintessential to preventing any leakages or fog (For directions on how to fit your mask, please follow guidelines in section: “Perfect Fit”)
  • Ensure beard is trimmed and hair is brushed away from your face when using the mask
  • Engage in breathing exercises with the mask before you go underwater
  • Give it a shot in a pool before you head for the open waters! This will help you get familiar and comfortable with the mask.
  • Maximum depth with AugustTrek Snorkel Mask is 10 feet
  • Know your limits & let it guide your choices in snorkeling (e.g. lung capacities vary), time and duration of the swim
  • Mask is intended for use in water only


  • Begin by checking and making sure the buoyant ball moves vertically against the tube as you shake the mask.
  • Install the breathing tube by pushing it down gently towards the mask. Ensure it is well-fastened, no gap should exist between the tube and the mask.
  • Loosen both sides of the elastic band.
  • Put the mask on by putting the elastic band over your head and moving it to the back of your head. The silicon skirt should press against your face.
  • Ensure that your nose and mouth fits within the breathing area comfortably.
  • Breathe normally to check for any leakage of air or fog. If you feel air against your eyes or see any fog appearing please follow the instructions in section: “Perfect Fit”
  • Optional: If you are attaching the detachable camera mount to your AugustTrek Snorkel Mask simply follow the instructions outlined in Steps for Fitting Camera Mount on Mask.


When you practice it responsibly, snorkeling is one of the most amazing, fun activities you could ever try. However, as with every underwater activity, there are risks you should consider before diving in.

Here are our 6 guidelines for safety during snorkeling.

Come physically prepared. You should be a good swimmer.

Snorkeling is not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Do not panic! Be calm, keep the mask on and swim back to shore.

Don’t snorkel under the influence.

Never snorkel alone

Practice removing the mask in preparation for cases of emergency


  • The prime temperature condition for using the AugustTrek Snorkel Mask is between 18oC and 45oC… A higher or lower temperature will increase chances of fogging.
  • AugustTrek Snorkel Mask is intended for swimming in calm waters only. It is not intended for free diving and strenuous swimming.
  • If water does seep into your mask, simply lift your head above the water to let the water in the mask drain out of the one-way mouth valve
  • Avoid snorkeling when there isn’t clear illumination (e.g. dawn or sunset) or in murky waters.


Items required:
  • AugustTrek detachable camera mount
  • Personal camera
Place your camera onto camera mount
Use nut and screw to fasten camera in place. Ensure that nut is tightly screwed in.
Place camera mount on tube or grip camera mount to use as extension arm.